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Edith Fortuna

Edith Fortuna - Executive AssistantExecutive Assistant

Mediator, angel, supreme juggler of meetings, maker of travel arrangements, queen of expense reports, HR oracle, bathroom monitor and office and kitchen supplies police, she is truly indispensable. The ultimate professional, Edith’s past experience ranges from centre director at Jenny Craig Weight Loss Centers, to Citibank, BankBoston International, Stanford (no, she didn’t do it), and Mount Sinai Medical Center.


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  • Ali's famous words "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" describe me to the T. I am ______________.
  • Have you heard the song "Forever Young"? That's me ;)
    I am ______________.
  • "I'm going to turn this cafecito stand into a business empire."
    I am ______________.
  • To this day I have fabulous hair. I am ______________.
  • This angelic face did not predict the mayhem that would ensue. I am ______________.
  • They call me "G Money" (or G$ for the Web-savvier).
    I am ______________.
  • I've been making fashion statements forever.
    I am ______________.
  • I'm equally skilled with a Wacom and a tequeño.
    I am ______________.
  • If I ever get bored of advertising, I'm heading straight to the stand-up comedy circuit. I am ______________.