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Herman Echevarría

Herman EchevarríaChairman & CEO

Herman is “The Man.” Throughout his professional life, Herman has received much recognition for his accomplishments. He was recognized by Miami Business Review as one of the top 100 most influential leaders in the area. He is currently a Board Member of the Beacon Council, a public/private partnership that serves as the economic development agency for Miami-Dade and on the Mount Sinai Hospital Executive Committee.  He also served as a Board Member at St. Thomas University, as Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Miami Symphony Orchestra, and as a member of the State of Florida Minority Business Development Council. In addition, Herman is the “White Knight” who conceived and brokered a plan to save the historic, publicly owned and cash-strapped Olympia Theater at the Gusman Center for the Performing Arts in Miami.

In Herman Echevarría's own words...

Obama con Gandules


When President Obama went to Puerto Rico to hustle votes, he made sure to name drop “arroz con gandules.” He didn’t use the more widely known “arroz con frijoles” linked to Cuban or Mexican cuisine. Instead he mentioned the pigeon pea and rice dish more popular among Puerto Ricans.

There’s an app for that…


If you ever wondered what ad legend David Ogilvy thought of your work, now you can find out, even if he’s dead.

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  • If I ever get bored of advertising, I'm heading straight to the stand-up comedy circuit. I am ______________.
  • Ali's famous words "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee" describe me to the T. I am ______________.
  • They call me "G Money" (or G$ for the Web-savvier).
    I am ______________.
  • I'm equally skilled with a Wacom and a tequeño.
    I am ______________.
  • I've been making fashion statements forever.
    I am ______________.
  • This angelic face did not predict the mayhem that would ensue. I am ______________.
  • Have you heard the song "Forever Young"? That's me ;)
    I am ______________.
  • "I'm going to turn this cafecito stand into a business empire."
    I am ______________.
  • To this day I have fabulous hair. I am ______________.